I visit these sites a lot so this is a way of me finding them easily

Have a look…..

No Time To Be 21 A Great collection of Punk archive videos… in alphabetical order(ish)

BBC 6 Music Marc Riley, Gideon Coe, Jarvis, Cerys…..etc…etc… The reason I pay my licence fee – worth every penny

So Many Records So Little Time – Seven inches of pure genius with something for every one. Kevin’s had a right life! and what a jukebox!!!

Daytrotter – Lots of unique sessions by bands you know, don’t know and should know and who knows…..there’s so many of them to choose from!

The More You Ignore me – Always a pleasure to bump into Steve at gigs. He’s seen em and got the T-shirt long before you did 😉 The Gig-Meister!

Mostly Handmade Things – A wonderful collection of inspiring arty stuff

The Vinyl District– Get their app and find out where your local record shops are, then use them before we lose them.

Sparks in electrical jelly – arty chat

Junk shop juke box – I doubt you’ll have heard of any of these….

Cerysmatic factory All things Factory

Vinyl Frontier’s Posterous – quality stuff from Otley

My bad place great 60’s psychobilly stuff here from Dr Fuckwit

Paul Cornell – the Brit comic maker who’s done Dr Who, Capt Britain, Fantastic Four, Lex Luther….etc…etc…

Crying all the way to the chip shop – nice mix of the old and the new

…Stupefaction…….Try not to look gormless on the tube people…..

Evolutionary Medicine Randolf Nesse is a hero of mine – I love this stuff

Lady, That’s My Skull Comic/music stuff

Tullycraft More music than you can shake a stick at

Sandwalk More Evomed stuff

Any major dude with half a heart get them while they’re hot

Plain or pan has some ace stuff

Jumbo Records Where to get your tickets from

Raiding The Vinyl Archive go and explore your collection

Like Punk Never Happened Smash Hits 30 years on. Take Aug 1980, Slodgenessabounds on the cover and Peter Gabriel is the center spread – Genius

Mr Obscure has lots of stuff you really need to hear – peel sessions, Viv Stanshall shows….etc…

This isn’t happiness collects all the coolest pics from the web so you don’t have to

The world’s greatest music – Hard to argue

Rougher Yet – Reggae reggae reggae

Street Anatomy has a music page

No time to be 21 – essential music Vids

9 Responses to PLACES TO VISIT On The web

  1. Nev says:

    Really appreciate your support… thanks!

  2. Damien says:

    notimetobe21 is a collection of interviews, demos, outtakes, live audio and live performances from punk/new wave acts from the mid sixties through to the mid eighties. Wondering if you will give this a plug on your PLACES TO VISIT on the web:

  3. Damien says:

    Notimetobe21 has been updated and put into alphabetical order

  4. Damien says:

    Wegsterven is a You Tube site containing video footage of reggae and ska bands from the sixties through to the early eighties

  5. Damien says:

    Not everyone’s cup of tea but Notimetobetwentyone is a site containing live footage of brass bands. Check out the ‘favourite’ section to sample what the site has to offer.

  6. Damien says:

    EricdeVuurtoren is a site containing video footage and demos of garage, rock and folk bands from the sixties and seventies.

  7. Damien says:

    ErictheLighthouse contains live video footage of disco, soul and funk bands from the sixties and seventies

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