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The Glastonbury Festival


  This year Marisa joined me between finishing school and her GCSE’s and spending a month in Equador……when I was 16 I got my excitement by trying to sneak in pubs…. Arrived early on the Wednesday this year and by … Continue reading

Glastonbury 2011

Adding up all the time I’ve spent at Worthy Farm over the years comes to a good few months of my life – ‘good’ being the operative word. This was the 10th year I’ve worked for FMS (festival medical services) … Continue reading


  I listened to Gideon Coes excellent July 4th show (on the now reprieved 6Music) in which he played 2 hours of live music from this years Glastonbury Festival, featuring bands on independent labels. Of all the wonderful stuff he … Continue reading

My only complaint with this years festival was that there was too much good stuff on the main stage which meant I didnt explore the rest of the site as much as I usually do. The weather was superb too hot at times, had us scrambling for shade at some points. Continue reading

bob lautrec

I’ve never been much of a one for fancy dress, mainly due to the effort involved in doing it right – I’m just too much of a last minute person. I managed a Toulouse Lautrec for a ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ works … Continue reading