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QUIMS Meetings


How would you define culture with music? Roger chose the tunes that have gone into space to represent mankind on Voyager (a link none of us got). John F decided to do it with acts from the European Union as … Continue reading

QUIMS ultimate band

Jez had been holding a dream for some time to form a QUIMS Supergroup.  He had pitched the idea before only to be knocked back due to the apparent complexity of the idea.  Basically everyone would nominate their singer, guitarist, … Continue reading


A couple of years ago I heard a Mavis Staples song on Gideon Coe’s 6Music show and the bass on it (played by Jeff Tweedy) just blew me away. I came across the track again a few weeks ago and … Continue reading


QUIMS: Weren’t you in……                                                   SEPT 2015 Tonights theme was solo/side projects/guest appearences/better known as… get the picture. 4 members of the Ilkley QUIMS joined 4 Members of Leeds QUIMS (although one now lives in Stockport and one of the Leeds … Continue reading


A cold and snowy January evening saw us gather in Ilkley Chez Jez for a truly horrible meeting. Jez dug out his old laser disc machine and treated us to a fine selection of horror movie visuals as the night … Continue reading