Hair Of The Dog feat: Mestisa, From East To East, Chinchilla Death Cult, Tshok – Brudenell Social Club – 4th Jan 2020

A new decade of music started with a fundraiser for those lovely people at Cloth Cat who do such stirling work. If you’re music-minded and looking for a charity to support – give them a look. A fabulous night of music was rounded off by the wonderful Mestisa who now have a brass section that fits their Latin American sound to a T.

There was a lot of brass on show from Tshok who made a gloriously upbeat sound that you couldn’t stay still to. They all took turns at taking the lead and all did a great job. Can’t wait to see them again.

Chinchilla Death Cult are a heavy ska punk outfit who got off to a great start before the lead singer/guitarist pulled his calf and spent the rest of the set hopping on one leg….

I last saw From East To East supporting the Ukrainians – was impressed then and again tonight. They got the crowd dancing with their East European tunes, performed with gusto

There was a definite festival feel to Mestisa’s set as they also got the Brudenell crowd dancing and shouting for more. It was singer Barbara’s birthday which added to the joyous atmosphere. Their expanded sound (including ex-Chumba Jude on trumpet) worked really well and their performances just get better and better – go see them if you can!

As an added bonus, I won a makeover in the raffle – well, two makeovers actually so one went to the volunteer manning the stall – you deserve it!

Bob the Chiropodist

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