BOB – Wharf Chambers, Leeds – 26/11/19

When your name’s Bob and the band ‘BOB’ decide to reform for a few shows and they play in your home town on your 55th birthday………well, it’s obviously a sign that you need to go and I’m mighty glad that I did, as they put on a splendid show.

I’d previously seen them in the 1989 when Lee was at Guildford University. I used to drive there regularly from Finchley in North London in a beat up Vauxhall Chevet that was handed down to me and was forever breaking down (my dad was a motor mechanic and had kept it going for many years by tinkering and replacing bits here and there – I had/have no such knowledge so it soon fell apart and cost me a fortune). There was no stereo in the car so I had a huge portable beatbox in the passenger seat well, that blasted out ‘Technique’ by New Order – I know that album by heart but couldn’t tell you what the tracks were called…….Years later I moved to Leeds and got to know one David Cann, who it turns out, used to be the road manager for ‘BOB’. He was called into service again for this mini-tour and the joy on his face watching the band play again was a treat to behold.

Anyway – Bob were a great live band in the 80s/90s and on tonights showing, continue to be so. Lots of great poppy intricate guitar riffs done with ease and dose of good humour. The crowd who’d come from as far away as Newcastle (hi Phil) was well up for it. Got a ‘BOB’ T-shirt as a birthday present and wish I’d got the re-issue of ‘Convenience’ now too.

If they get together again for more shows don’t miss out – I’ll be there for sure……

Bob the Chiropodist

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