Stereolab, Tomaga – Leeds Stylus – 21st June 2019

Stereolab left us 10 years ago with a fabulous back catalogue that is a joy to dip into. I never got to see them live and thought I never would. So when the news broke that they were going to re-issue their LPs in new vinyl editions….and tour to promote them…..well, I was first in line for tickets! They did not dissappoint!

Support band Tomaga are a duo who are heavy on the rhythms (amazing drumming) and ambient noodling with flashes of tunes that break into the hypnotic ramblings….really ‘out there’….

Seeing Stereolab live you realise how funky the bass is and how dancey most of their tunes are. Singer Laetitia Sadler reminded me of David Byrne in a lot of ways with her subtle dance moves (and boiler suit). Oh to hear French Disko and Ping Pong and a monster version of Lo Boob Oscillator…..smiles all around….2 hours wasn’t enough….MORE!!!

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