Gold Sounds 2019 – Fat White Family, The Blinders, The Beths, Nude Party, Working Mens Club, BDRMM….etc.. 11th+12th May 2019

A Fantastic weekend of great weather, some interesting football results and Music Music Music care of those lovely people at the Brudenell. Can’t tell you how lucky we are to have them here in Leeds – it’s a wonderful venue but wouldn’t be half as good as it is, without being run like it is – nice one Nathan!

Too many bands to do full reviews so here goes with a picture review……


LUMER – high intensity punk sound – a great start to the weekend

SISTERTALK – not my cup of tea – best moustache of the weekend though

ELLIS – from Canada “this one’s called ‘frostbite’ about the worst night of my life!”

WORKING MEN”S CLUB – Brilliant performance – like Joy Division crashing into New Order – Some songs with drum machines, some without, changing instruments and vocalists, loads of passion – loved them

HAND HABITS – low key Americana

THE NUDE PARTY – my favourite of the day, hell, of the whole weekend!! 70s Stones/Velvets style Rock’n’Roll that you could sing along with after only hearing the chorus once: “You’ll never make enough money, and no one cares about the things you say, you’re gonna wake up someday, man you’ll wish you got a job”  Just Awesome! (and 2nd best moustache of the weekend)

POTTERY – Indie pop with Sacha Baron Cohens ‘Grimsby’ on drums

PIP BLOM – she knows how to rock – got better with every track – most excitable drummer of the day

QUEEN ZEE – not my cup of tea

THE BLINDERS – moody and magnificent – powerful as ever



BDRMM – An awesome start to the day – like a cross between DIIV and New Order – melodic bass – loved them!

LD MOSES – good rockin’ indie with intense lead singer

OHTIS – good old country boy who played in the dark

WEAKEND FRIENDS – bouncing pop punk, full of energy. Lead singer apologised for the bands name

HARKIN – lovely local lass (well one song was inspired by a night in the Brudenell)

TRICIA WHITELY – heavier rock sound with some interseting guitar licks

EMERSON SNOWE – light pop sounds – not my cup of tea

ALEX LEHEY – from Melbourne – inoffencively tuneful

WH LUNG – happy monday soundalikes (lead singer even did a reasonable Bez) no bad thing

THE BETHS – great set of harmony driven songs. Funny banter between songs – whats not to love?

Only caught the end of the VIAGRA BOYS as they’d been put on at the same time as the Beths – I enjoyed the 3 minutes I heard and the crowd seemed to like them – best tattoos of the weekend by far!

THE FAT WHITE FAMILY – a powerful performance that got the wildest crowd reaction of the weekend – Lias is such a great frontman – more than slightly deranged he holds court with a sweat laden magnetism – great stuff


Bob the Chiropodist

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