James Yorkston, Viking Moses – Brudenell Social Club – 6/5/19

James Yorkston makes beautiful music. Quiet, considered, chilled out, moving, beautiful music. He was phenomenally good tonight with exemplary musicians to back him – An inspiring evening!

First up were Viking Moses, a duo from Baltimore who’s songs were full of downbeat lyrics and intricate guitar, backed with solid mellow bass.

I briefly saw James Yorkston at a Record Store day event a few years ago with John, who’s a huge fan and got us all to go tonight. Two songs in, we were all bloody glad he did. His backing band were phenomenal – Jon Thorne on double bass (who made it sing) and Neil MacColl (son of Ewan and Peggy Seegar and brother to Kirsty no less) on all sorts of instruments including a finger dulcimer – Ace! James himself played a multi stringed thing that had keys too……no idea what it was but it sounded great! My favourite was ‘Broken Wave for Doogie’ – his former bass player who died – heartbreakingly gorgeous

Bob the Chiropodist

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