The Wave Pictures – Brudenell Social Club – 21/01/19

Lino print after: ‘People walking towards the sea’ by LS Lowry (1965)

This was the first gig of the year for me and it was a corker!

Of course it was – it was THE WAVE PICTURES. I’ve been seeing them for over a decade now and they’ve never let me down. Tonight they were in the mood to ROCK. Part way through the set they asked if we wanted another rocking tune or a slow contemplative one “Rock” someone shouts “OK – mind you the people who like the slow contemplative stuff aren’t the people who shout out at gigs so….”

Loads of stuff off their newest LP ‘Look inside your heart’ with the usual superlative drums by Johnny (what a solo!), bass by Franec (and mandolin) and guitar solos to die for by David (no effect pedals of course) and a new member on bongos who complemented their sound wonderfully. The oldest tune of the night was ‘I Shall Be A Ditchdigger’ from ‘Susan Rode The Cyclone’ and there was a welcome return to The Woods for the encore.

A fabulous night with their biggest Brudenell crowd yet.

Bob the Chiropodist

Obligatory T-Shirt for Lee’s collection

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