Meeting No.40 – Numbers_01_11_18

We finally managed to get a second meeting of the year organised around the theme of numbers and finally managed to get our first female input as Mitsu was over from Paris and started with Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Louvre take over vid……John did his in strict numerical order…..Simon themed his tunes from specific years with a hidden theme….all will be revealed at the end….cheese and biscuits, pigs in blankets, tea and beer….a Jez put it:


QUIMS numbers to the rescue!  In light of the QUIMS numbers session on 1 November, Radio 2’s news at 3pm will feature four reporters suggesting that five musicians are already  at sixes and sevens.  Eight others were known to have panicked and phoned 999, attempting to procure 10 coffees and doughnuts for their elevenses. We also understand cheese has been ordered for midnight munchies at 12. Thankfully QUIMS musical numbers experts will be on hand in to sort it all out

a great night….here we go 2, 3, 4!!

Simons theme was…..(drum roll)……..years of his life that were prime numbers (next one 2027)

Bob the Chiropodist

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