The Vyrll Society, Peach Fuzz, The Astrid – Brudenell Social Club – 18/10/18

There was a Liverpool invasion down at the Brudenell tonight – think Sledge and I were the only non-scoucers there – and why you may ask – well, the Vyrll Society were in town of course!

We got there just as The Astrids were finishing (sorry) and caught the Peach Fuzz set – by their merch we were hoping for something a bit more wild and ‘out there’ rather than the MOR set they provided….

I first saw The Vyrll Society at Reading Festival a couple of years ago and was impressed with their sound. They’ve built on that with wonderful bass lines and intricate guitar licks which makes you think of Pink Floyd, but over layed with low key, laid back vocals that make them sound like no one else. They’ve upped the ante with great visuals that reflect their album cover (and a well produced LP it is).

Thanks to Lloyd for getting us in x

Bob the Chiropodist

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