LOW + Nadine Khouri – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 19th June 2018

My boy Matty is 15 now and the first time Lee and I went to see Low was at Leeds Church when she was pregnant with him……no wonder he likes music with a booming bass……

First up tonight was Nadine Khouri who did slow intricate stuff in an early Cat Power style. Finished with a Nick Drake cover as it would’ve been his 70th birthday which was a nice touch.

LOW were simply stunning – I know, I say that every time I see them but it’s true! Bumped into Cartoonist Tony Husband who’s a big fan “Is Paul (his son) doing the photos tonight?” “No, he’s off to do some official picturs with them in London tomorrow”. I was so mesmerised I only remembered to take a couple…..

They did some new tunes from the soon to be released album – Alans guitar sometimes seeming to go backwards (a new pedal effect….or was time really doing odd things?). Steves bass was so loud that the tiles in the roof rattled. Mimis voice was crystal clear through it all……….Chatting with Mark afterwards he said “How many bands can you go and see, making a list of your favourite 10 or 15 songs of theirs, they don’t play them and it’s still one of the best gigs you’ve to?” – Not many Mark, not many……They did finish with ‘What part of me’ which would have been on my list….

Bob the Chiropodist

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