Yorkshire Aid Fundraiser – Les Vegas & the International Playboys of Rhythm, Commoners Choir, Greensleeveless Ceilidh Band – The Hub, Leeds – 16th March 2018

The Hub is a wonderful arts space in Holbeck which you would pass by without looking at twice if you didn’t know it was there: “You want to get out here!?” said the taxi driver rather disbelievingly. “Er…..yeah” “Are you sure now?”. Inside is a bit like Aladdins cave with a mis-match of comfy sofas, wall hangings and interesting bits and pieces all over the place. There was an unbelievably cheap bar (£1 for a mug of wine) and food from ‘The Baking Biker’ including a Creamy egg, scotch egg…….and lets not forget the chic loos in the sheds outside!

This great event was put together by the lovely Sally, Associate Director of ‘Slung Low’ theatre company who obviously loves her job “Every day is different, we organise plays, concerts, group meetings, a choir…” “Every day is different for me too…..well….different feet that is…” The evening was to raise funds for ‘Yorkshire Aid’ – a charity which helps to look after refugees……heaven knows, somebody has to….

First up was Les Vegas & the International Playboys of Rhythm who are a fabulous cover band doing pop classics in a lounge style. “Here’s two from the 80’s” said lead crooner ‘Gina Cortina’ before launching into ‘Love Cats’ and ‘Walk like an Egyptian’. Lots of dancing and singing along – great fun.

Gina (*ahem*) also sings with Commoners Choir who were up next. If you ever need a party filling, just invite this lot – loads of ‘em and always up for it. Their two refugee songs Three Boats and Citizen Shanty could have been written for the night and went down a treat with the crowd. Having different members of the choir introduce the songs puts them into context “This one’s from the 80’s….well, it feels like it, when I lived in London in the 80’s friends knew people in the city who would put their credit card behind the bar and spend £100’s a night…..not much has changed” they then sang ‘Have nots and the Have’s’ with a chorus of “Some get bonuses to piss against the wall, some don’t get anything at all”

Commoner Tony also plays with ‘The Greensleeveless Ceilidh Band’ who wrapped the night up with lots of traditional dancing to traditional tunes. The lady calling out the dances was fantastic – As one Commoner put it: “She was fabulously grumpy and dismissive of this new ‘fashion to do away with gender’ in the ceilidh calling. She was having none of it”

Another great night for another great cause.

Bob the Chiropodist

View from the back row of the choir


A note from Sally,

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to have some down time after our brilliant fundraiser. Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful night – it was even better than I imagined. The atmosphere was so warm and celebratory, the feedback was incredibly positive AND we managed to raise a staggering £866!

So well done, we love you and in the words of Alan Lane, you’re all heroes (& you are)!

Thanks again,

Sally x

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