Wave Pictures + Wolf Solent – Fulford Arms, York – 13th March 2018

Another year, another Wave Pictures tour. They did a blistering set of new and old stuff that showcased the best of each member. They tour so often that the musical communication between them is fantastic to watch.

Wolf Solent did a beautifully understated set with a lovely finger picking guitar sound that built and then rolled over you like a thick warm duvet. One for those blissed out late nights…

What can I say about the Wave Pictures that I haven’t already in the gig reviews I’ve done since first seeing them 10 years ago? David Tattersall does guitar solos to die for – up and down the fretboard with consumate ease, it’s hard to imagine a better guitar player – No pedals, just raw talent. Franic on Bass holds things together beautifully and gets to do some intricate solos too – the shades tonight added to the ‘too cool for school’ bass player chic. Jonny on drums has the toughest job as evidenced by his sweat drenched T-shirt by the end – some of his drum fills and solos are insanely fast…so I guess he only has himself to blame.

A Stones cover was a nice suprise to end – and at a tenner a ticket, much cheaper than seeing the originals (and with a much better guitar player). Funny and brilliant – if you haven’t seen them yet, you’re really missing out.

Bob the Chiropodist

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