Baxter Dury + Halo Maud – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds – 19/02/18

Baxter Dury is the coolest dude I’ve seen for a long long time. He looks like he was born to be on stage and delivered a top notch turn tonight – so glad we got to see him.

First up was Heavenly recording Artiste Halo Maud who played an intense set of arty pop songs…”They’re French” I said to Roger “Ah, makes sense now!”

It’s hard not to mention Ian Dury when talking about Baxter, partly because his vocals are very close to his dads in tone and stylings, but also some of his manerisms, the way he holds the mike stand, his witty interludes… doesn’t feel like he’s milking the association but he’s not shying away from it either. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand with just a smile.

His band were on great form with most tracks being bass driven….the drummer was well up for it looking slightly wired (I don’t think he blinked all night)…the sweet female vocals often disguised what the lyrics were saying….but Baxter stole the show with his prescence. They finished with ‘The Sun’ and it was obvious that the band didn’t quite know how it was going to end as it ebbed and flowed, but Baxter kept them together and turned it into a triump. Go catch him if you can

Bob the Chiropodist

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