The 4th Chunk Fundraiser – Brudenell Social Club – 27/01/18

So I was in town hoping to meet up with a few folks who were running late, so I pop into Waterstones to kill time and found a lovely R Crumb book where he’s done portraits of blues and jazz favourites. I take it to the desk to pay and “Oh, that’s one of my favourite books!” I look at the sales assistant and recognise the woman serving me “Are you in Cowtown?” “I am” “When are you playing next?” “Tonight at the Brudenell”……soon after the folks I was hoping to meet were now not going to make it… a quick call to Sledge who was free and off we went. It was an all-dayer and we missed 5 of the 9 bands but still had a good time….

The first band we saw was ‘Bilge Pump’ who set up at the front of the stage and have a devoted fanbase – some serious body shaking was going on!

‘Famine’ were next who love a good scream and grunt, not really our cup of tea, same for the next band ‘Pigspigspigspigspigspigspigs’ which is a shame as it’s a fantastic name for a band and the first time I’ve seen Russell in something I haven’t really loved……

The Headliners were of course ‘Cowtown’ who did their fast whizzing punky pop songs to perfection. There was a palpable sense of fun and love for them in the air.

I’d managed to do a copy of R Crumbs Big band Compilation before going to the gig and give it to Hilary……a million miles from what they’re doing but I hope she liked it!

Bob the Chiropodist

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