Jim White + Cicada Rhythm – Brudenell Social Club – 21st November 2017

I first came across Jim White on a 2001 Uncut compilation which contained the extraordinary song ‘The Wound That Never Heals’ – what kind of dark twisted mind sings songs like that? Jim White, that’s who! It was a nice surprise then to have him open up with an upbeat song about how everyone from every background seems to have a guitar. He told us he has 42 of them as he can’t see one left neglected at his local flea market. In fact, he told us a lot about himself, with the monologues often taking longer than the songs they were about…..his adventures trying to get a New York flat with ex-girlfriends, writing a song that was too weird for David Byrne and the various traumas he’s had with his mental health…..all told with wry humour and a twinkle in his eye – this guy has no off switch. “I came second in a poll of the most miserable alt country songs. Imagine how that pissed me off! What do I have to do? Sing about slitting my grandma’s throat?”

His backing band was ‘Cicada Rhythm’ who were also the support band. The lovely double bass gave a richness to the sound with great drumming and slide guitar “The best band I’ve ever toured with”. He finished his set with them playing a beautiful version of ‘Static On The Radio’ before ending with a couple of ‘encore’ tunes on his own. “Thanks for coming out tonight. If your bands ever play in Georgia I’ll come and see you”.  A wonderful evening – I can’t recommend him strongly enough – go and seek him out

Bob the Chiropodist

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