Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts, Toys – Brudenell Social Club – 7th October 2017

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Jeffrey Lewis never lets you down – Another great gig bursting with passion and humour and wonderful songs with new arrangements – the guy’s a genius!

This was our first time in the new room at the Brudenell – at first it felt a bit…..square – but once the bands started and the place filled up it worked well. Toys did a great set – the bass player is just amazing – no wonder they don’t have a guitarist – they don’t need one!

Jeffrey Lewis started with  song/poem about how people who did him a favour years ago still expect to be on the guest list before embarking on a set (with brother Jack back in the mix) which featured my personal fave (Time Trade) as well as a illustrated history of Communism part 7.5 about Cuba….

He managed another mini epic film – Cannibal Monkeys before finishing with his poem WWPRD “In America you hear people say WWJD – as in ‘what would Jesus do’ but I ask myself WWPRD – What would Pussy Riot do?”

Bob the Chiropodist

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