Meatbodies + Jon Jones & the Beatniks Movement – 19th July 2017

For the third year in a row Meatbodies graced the Brudenell stage with a set worthy of a stadium – “We’ve never played anywhere else in Leeds – and we wouldn’t want to” – It’s hard to describe how good they are live and I’ll be first in line for tickets when they (hopefully) come again next year……

Sledge and I were a bit late getting to the gig so missed Magic Mountain but caught Jon Jones & the Beatnik Movement. First time I’ve ever seen a bass player change his bass guitar after the first track…..Hard hitting and shouty vocals they had plenty of support in the crowd.

Meatbodies have it all – brilliant musicians who can play beautiful floaty tunes but are most at home rocking it out with heavy guitars winding around each other over a punishingly fast bass and drums onslaught – tighter than before (if that was possible) these guys are the real deal.

So, if you get the chance…..go see them……they won’t let you down….

Bob the Chiropodist

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