Richard Dawson – Howard Assembly Room, Leeds 9th June 2017

The day before the 2017 General Election, I texted Dig “See you tomorrow” “If I haven’t committed suicide” – Well, the suprise result made us both rather chipper and after singing with Commoners Choir in Leeds city centre (we were going to sing whatever the result) and having a pint with friends (good to have you back Caz) I met Dig and we skipped along to the Howard Assembly Room – a rather grander venue than when Dig last saw Richard Dawson (The Fulford Arms in York) and with a lot more people on stage.

I first heared ‘The Vile Stuff’ on Marc Riley’s 6Music show and was mesmerised with a ‘WTF is this’ type reaction…..and imagine our joy when we recognised the same bar we’d been to on our Jim Jones Revue trip to Newcastle. This 11 minute howl of abrasive guitar playing is fairly typical of his work. Dig’s misses accused him of liking it because no one else would – how wrong she is – the sell-out crowd tonight were well up for it. There were jokes and banter (mainly at the expense of the bass player) and extraordinary music that is really hard to define. Imagine Capt Beefheart doing folk and it’s not even close.

We hung around after for Dig to buy the CDs he didn’t already have and had to explain that he didn’t want Richard to sign them as his 19yr old daughter Anna had taken the piss out of him for being a fan-boy when she’d found his other signed ones……so cruel! I’m a fan-boy too – give him a go

Bob the Chiropodist

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