‘Beauty in the East’ feat. Paul Heaton & Jaqui Abbott, The Divine Comedy, Billy Bragg – Hull KC Lightstream Stadium – 3rd June 2017

The Divine Comedy are our good friends, Boy-Lee and Nicki’s favourite band. He asked if we wanted to go to this years city of culture to see them support Paul Heaton & Jaqui Abbot with Billy Bragg too……Of course we do! All the acts had an opinion on this weeks election and this topic in Hull – was far from dull…….

The official info said Billy would be on at 6.45 so we got ther in time to park up for 6.30 – and he was already on! As it happened you could hear him as clear as a bell outside the rugby ground so we didn’t miss much. Loads of old favourites including Levi Stubbs tears and A New England (with Kirsty MacColls added verse of course).

Neil Hannon is one cool dude. The Divine Comedy’s set was Chock-full of wonderful tunes “I can’t do political speeches like Billy Bragg but here’s my attempt” introduced ‘The Complete Banker’ – a work of genius – and ‘Indie Disco’ turned into a Blue Monday jam – Excellent stuff!

Met some lovely Hull-ites (although Darren was slightly worse for wear) who supported the rugby team from the other stadium but were happy to be here today.

We got to see Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott last year at Glastonbury and so were really looking forward to this one – and they didn’t disappoint. The set was packed with Housemartin and Beautiful South hits as well as a few of their own – The political¬† heart on sleeve continued as they opened with ‘Heatongrad’ – “Where your friendly, local tax doger is lynched for all to see, and the newspaper editors swing from neighbouring trees. When trains and buses, education, health and safety’s free – welcome to Heatongrad”

With ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Caravan of Love’ as the encore – everyone went home happy bunnies

Bob the Chiropodist

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