Meeting No.37 – Running

Cover Star: Dave McGuire

A few weeks ago I tried walking up Table Mountain with my cousins. After half an hour of walking straight up, my legs were shaking “How much more of this is there?” “About another 2 hours”… I took the walk of shame back down, got in the cable car and met them at the top. ‘That’s it,’ I thought – ‘I need to get fit’. So I started on the couch to 5k programme and found it really tough to begin with, but after 5 weeks – I’m up to 3x 5mins runs through the woods next to our house and really enjoying it. I think the first week was particularly hard because I didn’t realise you could have your music on too whilst the nice lady was encouraging you to keep going “You’ve only got 30 seconds of running left – keep going!”. As soon as I had music in my ears, running was a lot easier…..which lead to tonights theme. John has done marathons previously (singing along to British Sea Power ‘Easy, Easy’ at the 14 mile mark), Jez has successfully done couch to 5k and continues to run 3x weekly, Simon prefers his bike with 80miles just a stroll in the park for him, Matt is a physio and we know how rediculously fit they are, and Roger…..he gets to walk the dog. Baked Camembert and Springbok biltong were amongst the menu delights tonight with lashings of beer and inane banter…..always a pleasure…..

Run Run Run – Velvet Underground (Bob)
6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps (Roger)
Restless Legs – Half Man Half Biscuit (Simon)
No Lucifer – British Sea Power (“Easy-Easy_Easy”). (John)
Conduit For Sale – Pavement (Matt) – “I’m Tryin’”
Lust for Life – Iggy Pop (Jez)
Miss You – Rolling Stones (Bob)
Running up that hill – Placebo (Roger)
Out of Breath – Frank Turner (Simon)
Step it out Lively Boys – Ivor Cutler (Simon) – hijack
Sweat In Bullet – Simple Minds (John)
Speedy Gonzales – Pat Boone (Matt)
Another Journey – Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend (Jez)
When you’re near me I have difficulty – XTC (Bob)
Stronger – Kanye (Roger)
Fill in the Blank – Car Seat Headrest (Simon) – come to the gig 31st August Stylus – one ticket up for grabs
Pure joy – the Teardrop Explodes (John)
Run To Your Mama – Goat (Matt)
The Road Goes on Forever – High Contrast (Jez)
Extended Dance Mix – Fujiya & Miyagi (Bob)
With a hip – Echo and the Bunnymen (Roger)
Come On Feet – Pete & the Pirates (Simon)
Run – Amy MacDonald (John)
Hit It Run – Run-DMC (Matt)
Map of the Problematique – Muse (Jez)
Can U Dig It? – PWEI (Bob)
Marathon Man – Ian Brown (Roger)
Club Foot – Kasabian (Simon)
Million Miles -The Wedding Present (John)
Run For Your Life – The Beatles (Matt)
Gone Gone – Grey Revell (Jez) “Run run, faster than the sun”
Strange Town – The Jam (Bob)
Go faster – The Black Crowes (Roger)
Don’t Give Up – The Noisettes (Simon)
Until the colours run – Lanterns on the Lake (John)
The Dead Are Walking – The Liminanas (Matt)
It’s Good to be on the Road Back Home Again – Cornershop (Jez)
Run like hell – Pink Floyd (Bob)

Bob the Chiropodist

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