Pale Kids, Nachthexen + Milk Crimes – Wharf Chambers, Leeds – 31/01/17

The last time I went a month without a gig was Aug 2010……tonight was my last chance not to let that happen again….so Sledge and I headed to the Belgrave to see ‘Hippo Campus’ – surely worth a watch with a name like that… we get in there, feeling and looking twice as old as everyone else…..and find that it was sold out! Quick change of plan – let’s head to Wharf Chambers and see who’s on……and boy! did we made the right choice! 2 pints of excellent draft beer and 2 bags of crisps were cheaper than a pint in the Belgrave for a start….but the bands…..the bands were all just great.

As we got there, Milk Crimes were playing a great set – in the quiet bit of one song the lyrics had me giggling “We’re in the vestibule and nothing has been ironed” – well, that’s what I hope I heard cos it’s a great line!

Nachthexen are a fab all girl punk band – brill drum beats and the wild synth meant you didn’t miss the guitar. Describing themselves as ‘Shouty, Witchy, Synthy Punk’ their one electro-dance tune had the hookline “Disco Creep – don’t dance with me!” – loved it!

Durham’s Pale Kids played fast and furious punky pop songs that put a smile on your face. I’d have preferred more tunes and less banter – but the tunes were class – “I’m gonna be sick for a while” stood out for me.

What an unexpectedly wonderful night. I bumped into Milk Crimes bass player on the way out and told her the lyrics I thought I’d heard…..”Erm…I don’t think that’s what he sings…” Well if he dooesn’t, he should!

Bob the Chiropodist

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