Lissie + Teddy Thompson – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 1/12/16


An acoustic night down the Brudenell with 2 acts I ‘ve seen before but not without a band…


Teddy Thompson may be well known for being Richards son, but should be FAMOUS for his voice, guitar playing and songs. He completely swept me away with the most delicate, intricate guitar playing you could hope to hear. He had lots of funny banter between songs and was completely charming. I first heard him live in session on the Andy Kershaw show (?late 90’s) and made sure I saw him at Glastonbury when he was on. In a Leonard Cohen Mojo special some years ago, I remember reading that he stopped putting Leonard Cohen tracks into his set as people would always come up to him afterwards and say ‘what was that amazing song you played?’….and it was always the Cohen track. As a tribute to the recently deceased genius, he did a beautiful song of his about a man and his horse (I think) that I hadn’t heard before: “I was lucky enough to meet Leonard a few times and on one occasion told him ‘My new album is a country one’. He looked at me and said in his slow drawl ‘I went country…….once!’….”


Mark and I got to see Lissie back in 2010 by accident at Glastonbury when the crowd for Stevie Wonder was too big. She really impressed us then, so it was nice to hear some of those songs again, stripped down at a sold out show. Her guitarist for tonight did some lovely guitar solos and she won us over with her Brudenell T-Shirt “I found it whilst un-packing recently” and an enthusiastic performance…..whilst polishing off a bottle of wine…….

Bob the Chiropodist

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