Meeting No.36 – The Body


Tonight’s theme was ‘The Body’ accompanied by baked Camembert and a variety of other cheese and beer. I’ve become somewhat obsessed of late with the Matt Ward tune that opened things up…… I was so happy that it mentioned a body part and I could squeeze it in……as with the 2nd M Ward entry – well, no body. It didn’t take long until there was a knob round though…….


Chinese Translation – M Ward (Bob) “What do you do with the pieces of a broken heart?”

Pasties & a G-String – Tom Waits (Jez) Pasties are, well, boobs

Quiet Mind – GoGo Penguin (Simon)

Shake Your Hips – The Rolling Stones (Matt)

Perfume Garden – The Chameleons (Bob) “You can shake your hips, you can seal your lips, I can’t make that trip….”

Choke on a Cock – Adam Green (Jez) Do I need to explain this???

Penis Jokes – Austin Powers (Simon)

Sam, The Hot Dog Man – Lil Johnson [Matt]

Detatchable Penis – King Missile (Bob)  “I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was missing again…”

Chocolate Salty Balls – Chef (from South Park) (Jez)

Basic Hip – John Brent and Del Close (Simon)

In One Ear – Cage The Elephant [Matt]

Uncertain Smile – The The (Bob) “Peeling the skin back from my eyes…”

Kick in the Eye – Bauhaus (Jez)

Dry Lips – Lightspeed Champion (Simon)

Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band [Matt]

Born under punches – Talking Heads (Bob) “Take a look at these hands!”

My Ass is on Fire – Mr Bungle (Jez)

Carolyn’s Fingers – Cocteau Twins (Simon)

Barefootin’ – Robert Parker [Matt]

Half Moon Street – Pete & the Pirates (Bob) “Egyptian eyed lady, you don’t seem like you do what you’ve been told…”

Subbuteo – Admiral Fallow (Jez) “And boots met my face…”

Drawn to the Blood – Sufjan Stevens (Simon)

I Want A Bow Legged Woman – Bullmoose Jackson [Matt]

The reel in the flickering light – Christy Moore (Bob) “Heel to toe”

Laugh, Laugh Clap Your Hands – Bored Housewife (Jez)

Brilliant Sanity – Teleman (Simon)

Hurricane Heart Attack – The Warlocks [Matt]

Tip that waitress – Loudon Wainwright III (Bob) “Her arches are aching, her lower back’s shot, her varicose vein hurts like hell when it’s hot….”

No Legs – Adam Green (Jez)

Gary Gilmore’s Eyes – The Adverts (Simon)

Skin & Bone – The Kinks [Matt]

Get off your arse – Commoners Choir (Bob) “Get off your arse and do something good for the world”

Dimples and Toes – The Residents (Bob)

Mouthful of Shit – Chumbawamba (Jez)

Documentary – ! (Simon)

Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth – The Dead Boys [Matt]

And a bang on the ear – Waterboys (Bob) “Deborah broke my heart, and I the willing fool…”

Stiff Little Fingers – Vibrators (Jez)

Happy Faces – The Maccabees (Simon)

Headspin – Black Honey (Matt)

What’s inside a girl – The Cramps (Bob) “Sugar and spice is just a bluff, you can tell me baby what is that stuff?”

Never had nobody like you – M Ward (Bob)…..and ‘no body’ to finish……


Bob the Chiropodist


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