Meeting No.34 – The QUIMS Ultimate Band

QUIMS ultimate band

Jez had been holding a dream for some time to form a QUIMS Supergroup.  He had pitched the idea before only to be knocked back due to the apparent complexity of the idea.  Basically everyone would nominate their singer, guitarist, bass player, drummer and other band members, bringing a playlist along with an example of their nominees’ work.  Then on the night, we would all vote for our faves and hey presto, the ultimate QUIMS Supergroup would be formed.

Well we finally went for it.  Jez hosted in Ilkley and invited a number of the QUIMS Ilkley branch along too.  So we had Bob, John F, Roger (although he brought no music… again), Simon P, Jez, Matt and Simon E, Gary and Duncan from Ilkley.

The compulsory categories were vocals, guitar, bass and drums and we also pitched in for a selection of other members of the band such as gust vocalist, keyboards, samples, Svengali producer and Bez.  Well I mean every Supergroup ought to have a Bez.  Despite no name as yet – I proposed “Audacious Q”, nor what songs they might play (the entire back catalogue of AC/DC, perhaps?), the backbone of the group was voted for using a single transferrable voting system, much to the bemusement of everyone except chief (and only) scrutineer Jez, who occasionally proclaimed things like, “It’s a close call between Johnny Marr and Thurstan Moore” and “Clem Burke has just been eliminated!”.

Anyhoo, whilst a minor case of death does preclude one member of the band from actually performing… here it is, the official line up of the Ultimate QUIMS Supergroup:

Vocals: David Byrne (a runaway winner on the first round of voting)
Guitar: Thurstan Moore (beating Johnny Marr into a close second place)
Bass: Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads are doing really rather well)
Drums: Stewart Copeland and John Bonham (inseparable even after three rounds of voting)

Guests may include: Sufjan Stevens (banjo), Keith Relf (deceased, harmonica), John Cale (electric viola) and Huun Huur Tu (throat singing), and of course Bez, well there is really only one of those, but Danbert got nominated for his role at the Chumba’s farewell gig as chief cocktail maker.

Not sure who might produce this masterpiece ensemble: Brian Eno, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Rick Rubin were all suggested.  Let’s give it to Rick on the basis of the beard.

As one commentator observed, “It will happen, it’s just a matter of when…”



Nominee Band Song Nominated by Category
1 Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist The Hives AKA IDIOT Jez Vocal
2 David Byrne Talking Heads Pulled Up Bob Vocal
3 John Shuttleworth Have you seen my wife John vocal
4 Grace Slick Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Matt Vocal
5 Ottis Redding Hard to Handle Duncan Vocal
6 Rufus Wainwright Beautiful Child Simon E Vocal
7 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins All Night Gary Vocal
8 Johnny Marr Lots How Soon is Now Simon P Guitar
9 Mick Jones The Clash Police & Thieves Jez Guitar
10 David Tattersall Wave Pictures Little Martha Bob Guitar
11 Richard Dawson The Vile Stuff John Guitar
12 Thurstan Moore Sonic Youth Cross The Breeze Matt Guitar
13 Jimi Hendrix Jimi hendrix Experience Voodoo Chile Duncan Guitar
14 Bob Mould Steam of Hurcules Simon E Guitar
15 Dave Rawlings Gillian Welch Scarlet Town Gary Guitar
16 Peter Hook Joy Division / New Order Ceremony Simon P Bass
17 Norman Watt-Roy Ian Dury & The Blockheads Hit Me (withyour rhythm stick) Jez Bass
18 Jah Wobble Om Namah Shiva Bob Bass
19 Tina Weymouth Talking Heads Slippery People John Bass
20 Matt Freeman Rancid Maxwell Murder Matt Bass
21 Bootsy Collins Parliament Ride on Duncan Bass
22 Jaco Pastorus Simon E Bass
23 Deborah Scroggins ESG Tiny Sticks Gary Bass
24 John Bonham Led Zep Good Times Bad Times Simon P Drums
25 Clem Burke Blondie Hanging on the Telephon Jez Drums
26 Mimi Parker Low Just Like Christmas Bob Drums
27 Robert Wyatt little red riding hood John Drums
28 Matt Helders Arctic Monkeys Pretty Visitors Matt Drums
29 Stuart Copeland The Police One world is enough for all of us Simon E Drums
30 Jim White Cat Power New York Gary Drums
31 Dave Greenfield The Stranglers No More Heroes Simon Keyboard / piano / organ / synth
32 Kate Tempest The Beigeness Jez Guest vocal / backing vocal / rapper
33 Lee Scratch Perry Curly Locks Bob Svengali producer
34 Matmos Ultimate Care II John
35 Keith Relf (Harmonica) The Yardbirds I Wish You Would Matt Miscellaneous instrumentation
36 Photek Azumith Simon E DJ / samples / sequencer
37 Sufjan Stevens banjo Casmir Pulaskin Day Simon P Miscellaneous instrumentation
38 Don Snow The Vibrators Judy Says (Knock You in the Head) Jez Horns / sax / woodwind
39 Public Service Broadcasting Everest Bob DJ / samples / sequencer
40 Grubby Mitts last stop for the good old times (for quintet and marble game) John
41 Lou Reed Vicious Matt Rhythnm guitar
42 Wilko Johnson Dr Feelgood Duncan Rhythnm guitar
43 Dave Gregory XTC Funk Pop a Roll Simon E Rhythnm guitar
44 Richard Barbieri Japan Nightporter Gary Keyboard / piano / organ / synth
45 Maceo Parker Maceo Soul Power 74′ Gary Horns / sax / woodwind
46 Rick Rubin Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer Redemption Song Jez Svengali producer
47 John Cale Paris 1919 Bob Strings
48 Rob Collins The Charlatans Bullet Comes Matt Keyboard / piano / organ / synth
49 Nils Fram Light Night Tales Simon E Keyboard / piano / organ / synth
50 huun-huur-tu peel session 2004 gary Guest vocal / backing vocal / rapper
51 Danbert Nobacon Chumbawamba Add Me Jez Bez?


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John’s list:

Si East:








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