The Magic Gang, Vitamin – The Sugarmill, Stoke – 21 April 2016


We always look to see if there’s a gig 0n when attending the Staffordshire Conference on Clinical Biomechanics and managed one this year. Earlier at the UK Footwear Science meeting we’d learnt how knowing what brand of shoe you’re wearing affects their comfort, how different football boots can affect the accuracy of free kicks…..and on the Queens 90th birthday, the news came through that Prince – the 5’2″ purple one – had died – 2016 has not been the best of years…..


6 of us MSK Podiatrists went along and if there was a normative curve of the ages of those attending – we’d have been definite outliers – the mean age of the crowd was increased by at least 50%. First up tonight were Vitamin whos album was recorded at Parr Street Studios (by one Tom Longworth no less). They have a very 80’s indie-pop sound which went down well with the youngsters dancing at the front.


The Magic Gang have a very likeable melodic sound from the softer side of the indie scene. Obviously enjoying what they do, they sent the crowd home happy and managed to shift a few T-shirts too…..



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