The Burning Hell, Susie Asado – Brudenell Games Room – 12/12/15

Burning hell2

The Burning Hell may sound like they should be on the cover of Kerrang, but they’re actually an intelligent indie-folk band who’s lyrics raise them way above the average band. Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom who make up the heart of the band, have a new LP of love songs called ‘Don’t believe the Hyperreal‘ and tonight they were here to spread the word – that word being ‘LOVE’

Burning hell

Ariel is in another band ‘Susie Asado‘ who were the support tonight. Bass guitar and harmony vocals with the odd clapping/ one drum/ cheap synth or violin accompaniments – very lo-fi

burning hell3

Mathias is a star – no other word for him. The second he came on stage he had the audience in his hands, laughing along with his observations on life and his first time in Leeds. It had been a miserably wet day and yet he was full of how nice Leeds was and how its inhabitants were lovely people “I did my laundry and when you see the staff treat a mad person who was shouting with tenderness and love – that’s something special.”  There were new songs and then he opened it up for requests “I don’t want to be a fascist and dictate to you, but I hate uncertainty…” When someone shouted for ‘Kings of the Animal Kingdom‘ he noted ‘This goes down well in England but not in other countries…. maybe its because there are a lot of Daves here…”

burning hell 4

The interplay between Mathias and Ariel was lovely to watch – obviously into the music and into each other. He introduced the wonderful ‘Pass the wine, fuck the government, I love you‘ as the true story of how they met and was chuft that we all sang along to the chorus. Amateur Rapper and then they finished with the Velvet “I’m sticking with you” as a tribute to Jeffrey Lewis’s version of ‘Heroin’ which he’d seen last night and we’d seen the night before, describing it as the best song ever – hard to argue. Big smiles all around and fans for life. Love love love.

Post Script: Got chatting to Eddie at the Merch table who I always see at gigs and was also at the Jeff Lewis gig this week. We got chatting about the Wave Pictures (he’s in the ‘Wakefield‘ video) and how his mate’s seen them 22 times….Me: “Orange Juice is in my all time top ten” Eddie: “Mathias did the video for that y’know” – now there’s a wonderful connection that I was unaware of……Eddie’s on my vid of it too

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