Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts, Downdime, The Wharf Street Galaxy Band – Wharf Chambers – 10/12/15


Our quims Christmas do this year was at Wharf Chambers in the company of everyones favourite New Yorker Jeffrey Lewis. Apparently the 17th time Jonny has put him on (I’ve managed to get to 6 of them) so he deserved the tin of Quality Street…..Jeff2

First up tonight were The Wharf Street Galaxy Band. Mark introduced me to lead singer Dave just before he was due to go on. Fall-esque with great lyrics over relentless bass lines with dreamy guitar floating in and out…..just imagine if the puffins in Iceland did go on strike….Jeff3

Last time I saw Downdime was when the supported Mr Lewis at the Hyde Park Cinema. A joyous indie-pop riot of a noise – are they really from Leeds? Lower East Side shurely…..


Another year, another new Jeffrey Lewis band and LP. He never lets you down. Great new tunes (Scowling Crackhead Ian), great old tunes (Last time I took acid I went insane), great covers (Punk is dead – Crass, I’ve been duped – the Fall) and my new fave, a version of the Velvets ‘Heroin’ with lyrics about internet addiction instead “So many cats that I just don’t know…..”


Our movie interlude was the history of Russia part 8 with some added trailers….and to prove how untypically American he is, another new song about what he loves about England – the food. Hope he’s back to enjoy some more soon – don’t miss him!

IMG_2366 IMG_2369

Bob the Chiropodist

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