The Creepshow + In Evil Hour + The Franceens – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 13/8/15


A great night out at the Brudenell with Sledge, John and Steve in the company of 3 punky bands, sporting many tattoos, who knew how to rip it up.


First up were The Franceens from York who stole the show for me. A great set of high energy guitar backed with melodic bass and thumping drums. The lead guitarist/singer Dan, leaped off stage at one point and kissed the guy in front of me…..before getting back on stage to announce it was his (cooler) brother and it was his birthday…..then jumped down again to hug him and play in front of him one more time, before giving his guitar away and walking off to the back of the venue! They were worth the entrance fee alone. Looking forward to playing their N/A EP (recorded live at the Woolpack pub).


Next up were ‘In Evil Hour‘ – great punk sound with a charismatic lead singer Al, who was obviously enjoying herself. there was one guy determined to dance at the front and we all gave him a wide berth in which to do it. Some great bass playing.


Headliners ‘The Creepshow‘ are from Canada and were like a slicker version of their fellow countrymen ‘The Brains‘. They were having fun and got the crowd going in a North American style “Let’s see those hands…” Lead singer Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi came into the crowd on a couple of occasions getting the crowd involved.


Someone in the crowd shouted that the keyboard player (Kristian “The Reverend” Rowles) looked like Boy George, after which he kept trying to work out the chords for ‘Karma Chameleon’ on the keys. For the encore, he and  Kenda were supposed to do a sensitive version of Crazy but it ended up as a mash-up with Karma Chameleon – very funny. What a great Thursday night!


Bob the Chiropodist

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