Jah Wobble – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 10/07/15


Jah Wobble has been at the centre of a lot of the music I have loved, for a long time. I remember buying Metal Box (in a Metal Box) along with ‘London Calling’ Xmas 79 with money my Grandad gave me. My crappy stereo at the time couldn’t cope with Wobbles gigantic basslines until a couple of 2p’s were blu-tacked to the end of the arm – gouging even deeper cuts into the vinyl. It felt like music from another planet…..and tonight, he started with a Drum and Bass version of ‘Socialist’, which set the standard for the night.


During the 2 hour set he played jazz covers of film tunes (being a geezer I guess he had to do ‘The Sweeney’ – and to hear the bass of ‘Get Carter’ get wobble-ised was a treat), old Ska standards (This clip gives captures the atmosphere but not the bass pummeling your chest) Invaders of the Heart beauties (‘Visions of You’ ‘Becoming More Like God’) and PiL tunes (‘Public Image’ ‘Poptones’).


I can’t tell you how much I loved this show – He was funny with his intro’s, played great percussion and was obviously having fun. He was the band leader getting the most out of very talented musicians who could play anything he threw at them, getting them to shine….but the bass was the star of the show.


If you get the chance, go and see him – you won’t be disappointed


Bob the Chiropodist

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