The Soft Moon + Blush Response – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 26/5/15


A great night at the Brudenell with 2 acts from the USA happy to assault our ears…..


First up was Blush Response (NY sound designer Joey Blush) who pummeled us with electronic beats that weaved in and out of each other at a volume that was shaking my fillings loose. Got a nice massage from the vibrating seats though…..a quite extraordinary set


I first heard ‘Parallels‘ by ‘The Soft Moon‘ on Stuart Maconies Freak Zone show (BBC 6Music) and was impressed enough to buy the LP. It was like A Certain Ratio meets Can – a fantastic combination.


Live they sound like the Cure might have if they’d gone metal after Pornography instead of poppy. The best stuff was when front man Luis Vasquez started hitting the bongos or the oil drum…..added another dimension to their sound.

A great night out!

Bob the Chiropodist

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