The Brains, Dick Venom & the Terrortones – Brudenell Social Club – 9/4/15


Tonight we were treated to a masterclass in drumming, but more of that later….


When Sledge spied the poster for this gig last week, well, we just had to go didn’t we…….and so glad we did….sorry we didn’t get there in time to catch X-Ray Cat Trio – next time


First up were Dick Venom and the Terrortones. Dick stormed the stage in a long fur coat with only suspenders and boots on underneath and proceeded to go through all the moves from the Lux Interior handbook which included humping the stage to a song warning of the dangers of shagging in public. Some great tunes in there to compliment the front man antics.


The Brains are from Montreal and play punked up Rock-a-billy that had us all dancing. Great to see a double bass being slapped good and proper. Great to have a frontman with a golden voice….but the show for me was totally stolen by the best drumming I’ve ever seen – fast, furious with subtle rolls and some stick gymnastics thrown in (well, thrown up and caught without missing a beat). Sledge and I kept on looking at each other with a ‘Is he for real?!’ kind of expression on our faces. Just Fantastic!

They did a great cover of a Cure song…..probably not one you’d guess……but it sounded great as a psychobilly rock out! Considering the’d driven from Cologne today, they did a blistering set which culminated in the band coming into the audience to play. Highly entertaining – catch them if you can!

brains2 BrainsEnd

Bob the Chiropodist


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