Meatbodies + Seize The Chair + Hank Haint and the Cruickshanks – Brudenell Social Club – 2/3/15


An amazing night at the Brudenell with 3 bands on top form – rocking out as if their lives depended on it. Any one of them would have been worth the entrance fee – each louder, faster and more furious than the one before…..


The duo Hank Haint and the Cruickshanks got things going with a back to basics rock-out set which invites comparisons to The White Stripes and Drenge but the unique talent here was one of the guitarists, who also does most of the singing, played drums with his feet… did he do that and keep everything in time!? Blisteringly fast indie rock worth checking out.


Things then got louder with a much fuller sound. It’s only been a month since I last saw the wonderful Seize The Chair and once again they upped the ante with blisteringly fast and punishing indie rock. Bass lines Steve Hanley would be proud of helped drive home each song to an appreciative crowd.


Just when you thought things couldn’t get louder – Meatbodies stormed the stage and blew us all away! Blisteringly fast and punishing indie rock with added heavy metal guitar solos – These guys are the real deal. Obviously having fun with interweaving guitars, Chad and the gang were a complete joy! Catch them if you can…….

Bob the Chiropodist

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