The Orb – Brudenell Social Club 20/2/15 – CANCELLED


It hasn’t happened often, but previously, cancelled gigs that I’ve had tickets for have been due to ill health and there’s not much you can do about that except wish the artist the speediest of recoveries. I had an XTC ticket for their ‘English Settlement’ tour which was cancelled when Andy Partridge’s stage fright took hold and they never toured again, a David Sylvian ticket but his back gave out on him and John Grant had to cancel due to illness.

The only time that illness wasn’t the reason was when I had a ticket to see Adam and the Ants at Manchester Poly. They then had their first hit single causing them to cancel that gig and put one on at a much bigger venue. I never felt the same about them after that.

Si, BoyLee and I were going to go along to see the Orb at the Brudenell, but as you can see below it was (rightly) cancelled for reasons other than illness (I would not have been happy to pay £16 to see a DJ!) and I’ll be in no rush to see them again to be honest……

Bob the Chiropodist

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