Meeting No. 31 – The Horror! The Horror!!


A cold and snowy January evening saw us gather in Ilkley Chez Jez for a truly horrible meeting. Jez dug out his old laser disc machine and treated us to a fine selection of horror movie visuals as the night progressed including ‘Dusk til Dawn’ ‘Re-animator’ The Shining’ ‘Spit On Your Grave’ ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘Halloween’ (all of which Roger described as ‘Unpleasant’)…………Top cheese and top whisky too……

  1. Thriller – Easy Star All Stars (Jez)
  2. Careful of that axe, Eugene –Pink Floyd (John F)
  3. Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield (Roger)
  4. Ghosts of American Astronauts – Mekons (John M)
  5. My dear Watson – the headcoats sect (Bob)
  6. They are night zombies!! They are neighbours!! They have come back from the dead!! Ahhhhh! – Sufjan Stevens (Jez)
  7. Live at the witch trials (the fall) b/w Voodoo – Tubby Hayes (John f)
  8. Jaws (Main theme and 1st victim) b/w  Be Slowly – Jaws (Roger)
  9. Killer Bee   – Beachbuggy (John M)
  10. Carry on screaming – ray pilgrim (Bob)
  11. Because you’re frightened –Magazine (Simon, in absentia)
  12. Dead man in my bed – Nick Cave (Jez)
  13. The eel wheeled – Edvard Graham Lewis (John f)
  14. Enter Sandman – Metallica (Roger)
  15. Nobody’s Scared – Vic Godard and Subway Sect (John M)
  16. The first Mrs Jones – Rudi protrude (bob)
  17. Vampires – Ry X (Jez)
  18. Don’t laugh – winx (John F)
  19. The End _the Doors (Roger)
  20. 23 Fears– Tigers that Talked (John)
  21. The monster – bobby please (bob)
  22. Re-animator theme – Matt Fink (Jez)
  23. Aamon dull 2 – kaanan (jrf)
  24. Hammer Horror – Kate Bush (roger)
  25. No Lucifer – British Sea Power (John)
  26. I ain’t nothing but a gorehound – the Cramps (bob)
  27. I was a teenage werewolf – the Cramps (Jez)
  28. Shark ridden waters – Gruff Rhys (jrf)
  29. City hobgoblins – the Fall (Bob)
  30. Dracula’s Castle – New Order (Simon, still not here)
  31. Dementia Necromania – Morbyd (Jez)
  32. Skerik’s syncopated taint septet – let me be your Voodoo doll (jrf)@
  33. Cheepnis – frank Zappa (Bob)
  34. Astrozombies – Misfits (Jez)
  35. Revolution blues – Neil Young (jrf)
  36. Scarecrow – Bridie Jackson and the Arbour (bob)


Bob the Chiropodist



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