Wild Beasts + East India Youth – Canal Mills, Leeds – 11/12/14


For our QUIMS Christmas do we usually go for a meal, but Si double booked when he bought tickets for ‘Wild Beast’ – so we decided join him……


Curry first at the ‘Corner Cafe’ then onto ‘Canal Mills‘ – my first time there. A big old industrial space that reminded me of the Hacienda – mainly for it’s (lack of) sound quality…..sounded like a band playing in a big warehouse….It felt quite full however John M was chatting to a bouncer who told him there were about 500 in, but most week-ends there’s 2,000 ravers in there……


As we entered ‘East India Youth’ (who bore more than a resemblance to Matt Smith’s Dr Who) was partway through his set. Interesting electronic (?dance?trance?dreamypop) music that lulled you in before coshing you over the head – he was right into it – headbanging over his laptop – totally out of time to the beat – great stuff!


When the Wild Beasts came on, I felt like I’d gatecrashed a private party. Everyone else seemed to know all the words to all the songs. I’d seen them before with Simon supporting the Foals and he informed me they’ve had 4 LPs out since then, “Beautifully intricate with great vocals”. It could have been the sound but it didn’t really work for me tonight, I needed something a bit rockier…..Think I’ve been spoilt by the Jim Jones Revue….

Bob the Chiropodist

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