Ty Segall + Movie Star Junkies – Brudenell Social Club – 11/11/14

Ty Segall

A blistering night with the rock riff heavy ‘Ty Segall’ and those Italian Gypsies ‘Movie Star Junkies’…….Riff-Tastic!


Movie Star Junkies have one of the most energetic lead singers I’ve seen – he even manages to head bang whilst playing the keyboards whilst on his knees whilst drinking lager – quite an achievement. Their guitarist was so into it, shaking his head, I thought it might work its way loose from his neck…..wild and dangerous with so many different styles – they were great!


Jimmy the cowboy came on to introduce Ty Segall “I ran into these boys in a bar on one of the moons of Jupiter…..” and when they came on…..you could believe it! Ty seemed as high as the highest kite but his guitar playing was immaculate – how does he get those riffs out of that thing? There was a violent mosh-pit like I’ve never seen at the Brudenell with loads of crowd surfing and stage diving going on – just wild!

Ty Segall 2

The songs ranged from soft indie pop songs to full on screaming heavy monsters with a feed-back undertone…..you couldn’t help but love their energy and love them. Emily the drummer looked like she’d have trouble carrying the shopping back from Tesco’s but BLIMEY – she could pound those drums!

A Top night although my ears are gonna need a bit of a rest for a while now…..

Bob the Chiropodist


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