Mik Artistiks Ego Trip + The Dirty Stop Outs – Wharf Chambers, Leeds – 8/11/14 (Bob’s 50th Bday Bash)


As I’d put on gigs for my 40th and 45th birthdays, I wasn’t going to miss out on my 50th. So a bunch of pals, all in band T-Shirts, got together at the wonderful ‘Wharf Chambers’ in Leeds to see ‘The Dirty Stop Outs’ from Malton, Leeds legend ‘Mik Artistik’ and dance til 3am – it was a wonderful night!


The Dirty Stop Outs (with our Dave on guitar and vocals) play a great selection of covers from ‘River Deep Mountain High’ to ‘Atomic’. With a singer who’s as good as Fliss – you can even do ‘I Feel Love’! The crowd were baying for more at the end – I predict a bright future for this lass – one to watch!


I was chuft that ‘Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip’ could do a set for us too – hilarious as usual with old classics like ‘Library’ and ‘She looks like my mam’ with ones I hadn’t heard before like ‘Plastic Fox’ and ‘Johnny’s had an offer from another fuckin band’. Pure Joy!


The disco then kicked in with a brace of Northern Soul tunes that had Spud and Dave Cann gracing the floor with their moves before the rest of us ‘not so good but enthusiastic’ dancers took over. 10295040_10152877742888000_4972414357933643895_o

A big thank you to all the staff and to everyone who came and made the effort with band T-Shirts – The Beatles beat the Stones (as did the Who) and very few duplicates except for 3 people had the same ‘Guns and Roses’ and 3 people with the same ‘London Calling’ sleeve……gimme The Clash any day of the week……


Bob the Chiropodist

Party selfieMikSEtList

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