Teleman, Boxed In – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 18/10/14


A tremendous night at the Brudenell with one of the most distinctive voices in music, now fronting a pop music outfit that makes you feel good………..Teleman are a real treat!


First up were ‘Boxed In‘ who played driving tunes, sometimes Ibiza tinged, with a hard bass backbone – Great stuff! I got chatting to the lead singer Oli whilst trying to pay for my Breakfast LP “We’re from Hackney, just around the corner from these guys”. With an album and tour due next year…….one to watch for sure!


There aren’t many bands that I’ve really wanted to see, but not seen. ‘Pete and the Pirates‘ unfortunately, are on that list – their last LP was a work of genius (apart from the odd dodgy fade….play ‘Blood gets thin’ and you’ll see what I mean…). When they morphed into ‘Teleman‘ I wasn’t going to make that mistake again! They play confident pop tunes that remind you of the good 80’s synth pop you used to like – well, it got us 40(nearly 50)-somethings dancing (me, Lee, Jeff, Liz + Shaun that is).  They really hit their stride with killer tunes like ‘Steam Train Girl’, ‘Cristina’ and can still rock it out the awesome ‘I’m not in control’

The sell out crowd loved them and the feeling was obviously mutual. “We’ve toured supporting others but it’s so nice that you’ve all come to see us” Big Cheer “we toured with the Kaiser Chiefs…..they’re from round here aren’t they?” Then a deep Yorkshire voice shouts “Play a love song!” “what for you?!” says another “I predict a riot!” shouts a 3rd…….

After the encore Tim honestly announced “We don’t have any more songs”. The fact no one shouted out for Pete and the Pirates stuff was testament to the new material……………..Do yourself a favour – Go and see them if you can!

Bob the Chiropodist

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