Angel Olsen – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 22/9/14


I’d been up to Loch Fyne sailing for the week-end and inbetween sailing on amazingly calm waters (and sunbathing….in Scotland….in late September!) spent a couple of debauched nights in ‘Tarbert’ where a music festival week-end was in full swing. I imagined the place would be full of fiddle players but no – each pub had covers bands….playing decent enough stuff to jump around to after a wee dram….but nothing original. Then there was the night the skipper got his guitar out whilst we were moored in ‘Lochranza’….and you realise how out of tune most peoples singing is…….I mention this because I arrived back on the Monday at 7pm and was in the Brudenell by 9 with Sledge to see Angel Olsen and her band – They are original and she has an amazing voice, hitting every note as clear as a bell.


What a band! Each part blended to make a splendid noise with some really rocking tunes mid-set…….It was perhaps during the quieter ones, where you could’ve heard a pin drop, that you see how talented she is. She looks a bit like Dr Who’s assistant Clara Oswald on a bad hair day, so I won’t say she has the voice of an Angel, but that she’s classy and timeless. Can’t wait to see her again!

Bob the Chiropodist

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