Meeting No.28 – FLY


Fab evening at Rogers with some beers, nice cheese and honey covered sausages. John M took the theme one stage further – he was jetlagged from his ‘week-end’ trip to NYC “Week-end! It’s Thursday!” and had to leave early. The usual plethora of tunes and banter ensued…..with a pause for a lucky dip – Roger was taking a bagful of CDs to the charity shop so we all got to randomly pick one….or 2 (or more in my case). I got  the Gorillaz ‘Plastic Beach’ – result! Si brought a box Ferrero Rocher chocolates, the wrappers of which were turned into golden sculptures with the brown paper base used as a plinth……here’s what was played


Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones (Roger) “Flies on the cover of sticky fingers”

From the air – Laurie Anderson (John F)

Back in the USSR – The Beatles (Jez)

Flight – ACR (John M)

Fossil I – Skylarking (Simon)

Fly like an eagle – The Space Lady (Bob with thanks to Will)

Learning to fly – Foo Fighters (Roger)

Lost  – Autechre (John F) played in the presence of a lawer as recommended by the band

I am the fly – Wire (Jez)

The male Asian tiger mosquito in flight (Simon)

Spitfire – Public Service Broadcasting (Simon)

Straighten up and fly right – Nat King Cole Trio

Papillon – The Airborne Toxic Event (John M)

Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield (John F)

Perfect weather to fly – Elbow (Roger)

——Hard to follow so – Pause for the lucky dip—————-

Air traffic control – Louis XIV (Jez)

Jetstream – Doves (John M)

Fast fuse – Kasabian (Simon) “short fuse…flying off the handle…”

Helicopter – XTC (Bob)

Stop over Bombay – Alice Coltrane (John F)

Return of the fly – Farside (Jez)

On my way – Tap Tap (Simon)

Prepare to land – Wooden Shjips (Bob)

Airline – Adventures in Stereo (Bob with thanks to Gid)

Empty Sky – Bruce Springsteen (Roger)

Flying Lotus – Satelllliiiiteeee (John F) “Great nephew of John and Alice Coltrane”

Flyswatter – Eels (Jez)

Aerial Tal – Kate Bush (Simon)

Dragonflys – Devandra Banhart (Simon)

Flies – Young Knives (Simon)

Burning flies – Looper (bob)

Going out west – Tom Waits (Roger) “Nothing to do with fly but as it’s my house….”

Flown – Julianna Barwick (John F)

I’m Mandy, fly me – 10cc (Jez)

Learning to fly – Tom Petty (Roger)

Flyin hi – Faithless (Simon)

Birds – Bic Runga (Bob)

Dr Who – Orbital (Roger)

Dr Who – Dub Syndicate (Jez)

Dr Who – Crystalites (Simon)

As Jez said:

“Great night, great music, great company, great cheese, great sausages, great lucky dip, great chocolate wrapper-sculpting, great result on the Prince tickets, … and a great next topic for June QUIMMING

Great Scott, what more could you ask for?!

Thanks to all”


Bob the Chiropodist

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