The Witch Hunt, Narcs, New Woman, Soulmates Never Die – Brudenell Social Club 29/3/14


Andy G and I met up with Morgan and Georgina (up from London) for a night of music and beer at everyones favourite venue……even more so now for me now – I left my camera behind and the lovely bar staff found it and kept it behind the bar for me……that wouldn’t happen everywhere……..The £10 in the tip jar is from me, Thank you xx


The evening kicked off with the poppy indie sounds of ‘Soulmates never die’ who have grown in confidence since I last saw them….should be moving up the bill soon….

New Woman

Some of my favourite songs have nonscence words throughout – Tutti Frutti, Arumatagali, B-I-Bickey-Bi Bo-Bo-Go…. ‘New Woman’ started their set with one such song which amused, but not quite as much as the amourous dancer who sprawled herself suggestivly across the front of the stage…..must have been the amazing drumming – music can do that to you….as can booze….drenge-tastic!


Narcs are a tight outfit who impressed Morgan the most, enough to buy a copy of their ‘Two birds, one stone later‘ CD – angry and intense they were great to watch.


The Witch Hunt are also intense with lots of light and shade in the set – I’d be happy to see them again. We’d had a long night of chatting and drinking and it was a great way to end the evening……well, I say end – there was the burger and chips…..and the discussion about Evolutionary Medicine with the taxi driver…and MOTD when home…..3am – I hope that was with the clocks going forward…..


Bob the Chiropodist


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