Meeting No.27 – Speaking in Tongues


This meeting was at Dr P’s and featured all 6 quimmers for the first time in ages. A first for QUIMS tonight with all our choices played via ‘Napster’ on his magic Sonos system controlled by an iPad……technology gone mad! There were only a couple of choices that couldn’t be found which when you consider the topic, was impressive. Most of us went for foreign music choices but Jez took the topic to mean crazy religious stuff whilst Si threw in some literary stuff.

Inspired by Si Norths visit last time, Bob constructed a ‘Who’s this?’ picture round from music mag covers…….answers will be on the facebook page…… An amazing¬†Fromage board almost stole the night…….Epoisses (Sainbury’s finest) is just the best….

Ezekiel 25:17 – Samuel L Jackson – Pulp Fiction – Simon
I Zimbra – Talking Heads – John F
Kundalini – 23 Skidoo – John M
Mumbles – Oscar Peterson – Jez
Et moi, et Moi, Et moi – Jacques Dutronc – Roger
Y Brawd Houdini – Meic Stevens – Bob
Nackenklatscher – Beirut feat Massiv – Simon
A Minha Menina – Os Mutantes – John F
Yashar – Cabaret Voltaire – John M
Speaking in Tongues – Speaking in Tongues (from the LP ‘Speaking in Tongues’) – Jez
Ivo – Cocteau Twins – Roger
Hoots Mon! – Lord Rockingham’s XI – Bob
The F Word – Anon – Simon
Warni Warni – Omar Souleyman – John F
L’Anarchie Pour Le UK ft Louis Brennon- Sex Pistols – John M
Poppiholla – Chicane – Jez
Scum – Napalm Death – Roger
Terri Bindi (Nothing Without You) – Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan – Bob
Simbo – Toumani Diabate Ali Farka Toure – Simon
Sonora Carrouseles – Federico Boogaloo – John F
Der Mussolini – D.A.F – John M
God From The Machine – Santigold – Jez
Up Middle Finger – Oxide and Neutrino –¬† Roger
Africa Moto – Mose Fan Fan – Bob
The Paved Road of Drizzle – Yuzo Kayama – Simon
Goathead – Goat – John F
Signal 30 – Public Service Broadcasting – John M
Helelyos – Zia – Jez
Birima – Youssou N’Dour – Roger
Ja Sei Namorar – Tribalistas – Bob
Chickenrhythm – Simon
Eras – Juana Molina – John F
The Jezebel Spirit – Brian Eno + David Byrne – Jez
The Adhan (Call to Prayer) – Yusuf Islam – Roger
Ponta de Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma) – Jorge Ben – Bob
Californie – Air – Simon
Quedatelune – Devendra Banhart – Simon
Twist/Run/Repulsion – Simple Minds – John F
Fire on High – ELO – Jez
Bongo Bong / Je ne t’aime plus – Manu Chao – Bob

Svatba – The Bulgarian State Television Choir

Cover1 Cover2 Cover3 cover4 cover5

Speaking in tongues


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