Meeting No.26 – We Are Family


This meeting was held at Jez’s house and was invigilated by Si East who joined us from the Ilkley branch to make sure we were doing these meetings to the appropriate standard….he brought along a picture interlude guessing which classic works of art end up on which album covers…..happy to say none of us got the Rod Stewart or Chris Rea ones! We almost had a full turn out but Roger got held up so missed out on the lovely cheesey muffin bites – recipe at the end……


Beatnik Daddy – Barbara Evans (Jez)

Jocko Homo – Devo (Si E)

On coming from a broken home – Gil Scott Heron (Bob)

Yachts – A Man Called AdamĀ  (John F)

Brother Sister – Soft Hearted Scientists (Si)

Shack Up – ACR (John M)

Me & Matthew – Martin Stephenson (Jez)

Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo (Si E)

Dad Muscles – Mik Artistik (Bob)

Family Friend – Vaccines (John M)

Disconnecty – Grandaddy (Si)

It’s getting better everyday – Mamas and Papas (John F)

Grandma Shirley + Papa – Adam Green (Jez)

Pink Orange Red – Cocteau Twins (Si E)

Mr Brown – Gregory Isaacs (Bob)

Teenage dad on his estate – Morrissey (John M)

Mother Matherin – Stokie (Si)

I See My Mother – Polica (Si)

If you want me to stay – Sly and the family stone (John F)

Fathers Day – Frank Turner (Jez)

All the wine – The National (Si E)

Three is the magic number – Bob Dorough (Bob)

Child Psychology – Black Box Recorder (John M)

Naming the royal baby – Spitting image (Si)

Combat Baby – Metric (SI)

Orlock – Anna Meredith (John F)

Kids – MGMT (Jez)

One man guy – Rufus Wainwright (Si E)

I luv Your Mum – 7-10 splits (Bob)

It’s Grandad – Stokie (Si)

Brother – The Organ (Si)

Listen to the music – The Doobie Brothers (John F)

Big Brother – Joyriders oakenfold remix (Jez)

The Lions Roar – First Aid Kit (Si E)

Daddy drinks (cause you’re bad) – Mammoths melting out of the ice!?! (Bob)

Father and Son – Loudon Wainwright III (Si)

Sisters – Rosemary and Betty Clooney (John F)

Family Affair – Sly and the Family Stone (Jez)

And you’ve got to have this on the list haven’t you!


And for those Cheesey Muffin delights – see here


Bob the Chiropodist



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