Laura J Martin, Maggie8 + Adam Stearns. Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 15/1/14

Laura J

Great start to 2014 gigging with the multi-layered Laura J Martin. I was thinking of only seeing bands/artists this year who I’ve not seen before……but when there’s artists as good as Laura playing for only £3.50……it’d be daft not to go!

On this tour she’s backed by another multi-instrumentalist Adam Stearns who also opened tonights show with some mellow piano tunes including one about the archetypal sad clown that had a tune reminiscent of the death march. Martin got his 7″ with great art and a badge too!


I missed Maggie8 when they supported the Wave Pictures last year but glad I caught them this time round. Driving bass and a brace of great tunes – they also liked to change instruments with each other……

Laura J2

Laura did a load of new stuff from her new LP Dazzle Days with the usual loops of flute and (?) mandolin. A real talent you get the feeling she could play anything and get a tune out of it. All her songs come with a story and she did ‘Tom’ after I asked for it as an encore. Took Marisa and met up with Slaedge, Ana Luisa, Martin and Tony – a top night!


Bob the Chiropodist


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