Meeting No.25 – DRUGS


A meeting was held at Bobs with Drugs as the theme. Unfortunately Roger and John M couldn’t make it which meant more cheese and tunes for the rest of us. Some obvious choices (Lou Reed RIP) and a new Leeds band to check out (Melt yourself down). A top night!

Drugs of choice on the night: Heineken, Kronenbourg, Peroni or London Pride Beer, Doritos and cheese dip, pigs in blankets, a selection of olives, Stilton, white stilton with cranberries and Danish blue cheese with multiseed thins and a box of Roses……this could get addictive!


Drug Time – Babybird (Bob)

Projects – Wu Tang Clan (John)

Hassan I Sabbah – Hawkwind (Jez)

The Drug Train – The Cramps (Simon)

Old Fashioned Morphine – Jolie Holland (Bob)

I don’t need no Doctor – Ray Charles  (john)

Friends of Mine – Adam Green (Jez)

Crack Rock – Frank Ocean (Simon)

Out of my mind on dope and speed – Julian Cope (Bob)

Kingdom of kush – melt yourself down (john)

The Kids – Eminem (Jez)

Lithium – Little Roy (Simon)

Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in – Kenny Rogers & the first edition (Bob)

DLZ – Tv on the Radio (John)

Don’t Bogart Me – The Fraternity of Man (Jez)

Remorse Code – Richard Hawley (Simon)

Sugar Town – Nancy Sinatra (Bob)

Raga Bhairay – charanjit singh (john)

Caught by the Fuzz – Supergrass (Jez)

Cigarette Smoker Fiona – Arctic Monkeys (Simon)

I’m Waiting for my man – Velvets (all)

Walk on the wild side – Lou Reed (Bob)

Pink Dust – Squrl (john)

H-Eyes – Ruts (Jez)

Snowblind – Black Sabbath (Simon)

LSD made a wreck of me – Rudi Protrudi (Bob)

Egyptian Tomb – Mighty Baby (John)

Feel Good Hit of the Summer – Queens of the Stone Age (Jez)

Signed D.C. – Love (Simon)

International Herb – Culture (Bob)

Bananas and Blow – Ween (john)

What A Waster – The Libertines (Jez)

Mojo Pin – Jeff Buckley (Simon)

You’re my drug – The Dukes of Stratosphear (Bob)

P.S.  We all like to party right! absolutely – but Drugs can be bad for your reputation

Bob the Chiropodist – November 2013

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