The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra + Benson @ The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 25/10/13

Lee Thompson

GUNS FEVER!!!! Boy-Lee and Nicki came over to Leeds for the week-end which got off to a fantastic start with a great bounce around to The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra at the Brudenell. They just about managed to fit all 10 of them on stage and what a glorious noise they made.Benson

Support tonight came from local band Benson who had loads of energy and were definitly up for it. Made me think of a band Peel used to play called ‘Ten Benson‘ – It was of course 9 years ago today that we lost the great man….Lee Thompson2

Amongst the countless bands that Peel first brought to our attention with a session were Madness, one of this countries finest bands. Lee Thompson is the Sax player in Madness often seen flying around the others and Madness bassist Mark Bedford is part of the band too and why wouldn’t you be – they’re ace! Loads of banter with the (mainly rude boy) crowd and a brass section to die for…..if you want to party, this is the band to go and see.Lee Thompson3

The best way to hear Ska music is live and they played most of their ‘The Benevolence of Sister Mary Ignatius’ LP with such fab covers as Ali Baba, Eastern Standard Time, Fu Man Chu…..etc…etc… had us dancing from the opening bars of Guns Fever, to the closing joy of Broadway Jungle. Sweaty? oh yeah!

Lee Thompson 5Lee Thompson4

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