Meeting No.24 – Ephemera

QUIMS Ephemera

To celebrate Rogers new stereo system (Rega Planer 2 turntable, amp and speakers for £100) we had a vinyl night with the title ‘Ephemera’……was a great night but if I write about it, it won’t be ephemera anymore……..oh well…..

Metal Guru – T-Rex (Roger. 1st single he ever bought)

Slowburn – Kult Country (Bob. last single he bought)

London’s Burning – The Clash (Si from his swish singles box set)

Lipstick – Buzzcocks (Jez. “What’s more ephemeral than lipstick on your collar!”)

Electricity – Captain Beefheart (John F)

Ivo – Cocteau Twins (Roger. Free version with NME)

Under Dubwoo)d – The Dubwood Allstars (Bob. Also found this version on you tube)

Backwaters – Drenge (Si’s last 45)

I Can’t stand this love goodbye – Naz Nomad & the Nightmares (Jez. The Damned’s psychedelic adventure)

Bra – Cymande (John F. Multi sampled original)

Otis – Durutti Column (Roger from his once played ‘Palantine’ box set)

Dancing in the Dark – Big Daddy (Bob. sticker on it says 55p from Boots)

Through Dark Nights – Wild Beasts (Si)

In the Mood – Ray Stevens (Jez. Had me laughing like a drain…)

Visionary Road Map – Stereolab (John F.)

Julia’s Song – OMD (Roger)

Radio 1’s 21st Anniversary 7″ (Bob)

Smile Like You Mean It (Acoustic) – The Killers (Si from another swish boxset)

Bill Grundy Interview – Sex Pistols (Jez)

From the hot afternoon – Paul Desmond (John F)

The colour of Spring – Mark Hollis (Roger)

Un – Y Niwl (Bob)

Wasting My Young Years – London Grammar (Si)

Teenage Ska – Little Chief (Jez)

As – Stevie Wonder (John F)

Atmosphere – Joy Division (Roger)


Bob the Chiropodist – October 2013

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