Crocodiles + Kult Country – Brudenell Social Club 27/8/13


I knew the Crocodiles had been in session recently with Marc Riley but had missed that particular show and had never knowingly heard anything by them before. Still, a spot on the great mans show was enough to convince Sledge and I to give them a try. It turned out to be a great night at the ever wonderful Brudenell….and thanks to Mark P….a free one!

Kult Country

Support came from Kult Country – Mancunians who, without a shadow of a doubt, stole the show. Their shimmering tunes built to great heights, like a tuneful My Bloody Valentine, with all the members really into it. The singer/ guitarist was so enthusiastic he was up on the balls of his feet to sing most of the night, except for one epic track that should have finished the set where he was on his knees – blew us away and impossible to top! A hard act to follow……


Crocodiles hail from San Diego and were in good rocking form. The sound levels were all over the place at first but improved as the set progressed (apart from the vocals which stayed far too low in the mix). The animated lead guitarist managed to break strings on a couple of occasions and was saved by a guitar loan from Kult C’s bearded guitarist, who joined the rest of the band for a bop at the front.

Bought the KC single and picked up a flyer for an all dayer at the Brudenell which they’re playing at – honestly, it’d be worth the entrance fee just to see them….go go go!


Bob the Chiropodist


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  1. Martin Snoom says:

    Hey hey . We are in the pub (for a change) talking about hobbies and admiring yours . Thumbs up for QUIMS. ! Let is know what’s up and coming. Planning a rip to the wave pictures . Gail wants her phone back. Mine was nicked at Galrres Festival . But that’s another story…….

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